Meet The Owner

About The Owner, Creator & Visionary

Hola! My name is Karimbe Jimenez I will be 25 in July of 2020 I was born in the stat of Nayarit in Mexico and immigrated to the Colorado in the United States when I was two. I grew up in a small mountain town famous for their ski resort, but I never cared to learn how to ski! I am the oldest of 4 brothers and i would call myself a caretaker. 
Now I live in another small town in northern Colorado near a national park with my husband, two daughters, and two bulldogs. Pequeñas Manos started on Etsy where I create custom onesies for pregnancy announcements. Pequeñas Manos needed to be more than that and so we expanded into new cultural designs that represent real life wins and struggles in our communities.
I love all things that have to do with my family, my Mexican culture, my spirituality, and entrepreneurship. 
I hope you find something that speaks to you because all these design were created with love and intent.
Thank you,
Xoxo, Karimbe Jimenez